ALPS Commercial Legal Expenses provides a wide range of legal expenses cover for businesses. Feedback from brokers has enabled us to offer a standalone Commercial Legal Expenses policy rated purely on the turnover of the business and including Contract Dispute as standard and with a choice of either a £50,000 or £100,000 indemnity limit.

Here are just a few more benefits to choosing ALPS Commercial Legal Expenses:

Employment Disputes - Support relating to disputes regarding to contracts of employment or alleged discrimination and employee restrictive covenant issues.

Licence Protection & Data Protection - Legal support for Licence Protection & Data Protection Issues.

Legal Defence - Defence against prosecution in a criminal court in respect of an alleged act or omission.

Helpline Support - Extra support via a Legal assistance helpline operating 24/7 and a Tax Advice line operating 9am to 5pm.

Contract Dispute - Cover for disputes with a customer or supplier relating to the sale, hire or supply of goods and services.

Bespoke Quotations - Businesses up to £5m turnover are catered for on our standard scheme with bespoke quotations available for businesses whose turnover exceeds £5m.

Tax Investigation - Cover for professional fees relating to a Tax, PAYE, VAT or NIC dispute.

ALPS Communic8 - All policy management carried out via secure login to our broker web portal ALPS Communic8. Policies can be incepted, renewed, amended online with immediate access to policy schedules.

Property Protection - Support in civil action against a third party for nuisance, trespass or criminal damage to the business premises.

Jury Service Expenses - Reimbursement for the actual loss of salary or wages of the insured as a result of time off work to attend court.

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