ALPS Family Legal Expenses provides comprehensive protection, support and advice in the event of a legal dispute concerning you or your immediate family with an indemnity level of £50,000. Dedicated legal helplines manned by professionals, provide support and advice to policyholders on a wide range of legal issues, tax advice and ID theft.

Here are just a few more benefits to choosing ALPS Family Legal Expenses:

Consumer Disputes - In the event of a claim relating to the purchasing of personal goods or services.

Education - Assistance in appeals against an LEA’s failure to comply with its published admission policy.

Home - Legal support in relation to the loss or damage of goods in the home or an infringement of home rights.

Probate - Legal help in the event of a dispute concerning the will of parents, grandparents and children.

Income Tax - Cover for claims arising from detailed examinations into personal & private tax affairs supported by a FREE tax advice helpline.

Jury Service Expenses - Cover for the loss in salary / wages incurred as a result of attendance in court to undertake Jury Service.

Employment - Legal support relating to a claim for unfair dismissal or unfair selection for redundancy.

Personal Injury Cover - Pursuit of a civil claim for damages in respect of an injury caused by negligence of another party.

Identity Theft - Defence in the event of an incident of ID Theft supported by an ID Theft helpline.

ALPS Communic8 - All policy management carried out via secure login to our broker web portal ALPS Communic8. Policies can be incepted, renewed, amended online with immediate access to policy schedules and wording.

Criminal Prosecution Defence - For the protection of fees incurred in the defence of criminal legal proceedings.

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