All Insures Claims Management Service

As part of our commitment to you as a broker, we offer a full claims management service to all our clients. This means we will work on your behalf to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. In the event of a claim please contact us directly on 01258 488 879.

We will take all the information required by the insurer and pass this on to them to log the claim, we will then work with you and the insurer to ensure the claim is managed correctly. If your claim is time critical and outside of 9-5 hours, please follow the guidelines stated below.

Making a Claim

At All Insure we understand the impact making a claim can have on the running of your business, or on your peace of mind and the associated stress this may cause. In the event of our clients having to log a claim, an individual claims handler will be allocated to your case who will work closely with you and any third parties to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

We aim to take a proactive approach to the handling of claims enabling us to identify and take necessary actions when needed to settle claims as quickly as possible, reducing our clients exposure to risk. This in turn will allows us to negotiate the best possible terms for our clients at each renewal.

Claims Outside Business Hours

Personal Insurance Customers Seeking to log Motor and Home claims outside of office hours please see the below insurer contact details and helpful information. We suggest that during office hours you contact us so we can go through the claim with you, however if emergency work is required please note the information below.

Personal Motor Claims

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident you should try to take the following steps:

Where possible, take the name, address and registration numbers of any other vehicles involved. If it is possible to obtain their Policy Number from their Certificate of Motor Insurance and the name of their insurer.

Ask for the name, addresses and telephone numbers of any third parties or witnesses.

Give your own name address and insurance details to the other parties involved in the accident but do not admit liability.

Where possible take photographs of the incident, any damage and the position of your, and any third parties vehicles in the road at the site of the accident.

Report the claim to us (the broker) as soon as possible so we can register your claim and advise you.

Please Note: If your documents specify a claims number different to those listed below - please use the number on the documentation.

If emergency works are required to prevent further damage to your property (e.g. calling a plumber to stop a leak) you are authorised to do this. Once this happens we must be notified immediately.

Personal Property Claims

Personal Property Claims

  • Ageas - 0845 122 3019
  • Allianz - 0845 073 1114
  • AXA - 0870 556 1161
  • Covea - 0844 902 0789
  • Legal & General - 01473 228 300

Private Motor Car Claims

Private Motor Car Claims

  • Ageas - 0845 122 3018
  • Allianz - 0844 893 9552
  • AXA - 0845 608 0230
  • Covea - 0844 9022 220
  • Highway (LV=) - 0845 6405 105
  • Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) - 0845 6750 405

Van Claims

Van Claims

  • Ageas - 0845 1223 260
  • Allianz - 0800 5875 858
  • AXA - 0144 0714 714
  • Covea - 0844 9022 220
  • Highway (LV=) - 0845 3372 671
  • Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) - 0845 6750 405
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