• Household Buildings & Contents

    For most, buying a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make, and therefore at All Insure Services we work had to find the right cover for you, your home and its contents. Using our hand picked network of insurers we can find the right cover for you no matter the size, we also cater for Grade listed, listed, thatched and other types of non standard construction properties. To discuss your individual needs please call 01258 488879 and we can consult you free of charge on your current insurances, and give you a competitive no-obligation quotation

  • Unoccupied properties & Holiday Homes

    If you purchase a property which becomes or is unoccupied, it is important to find the right cover to protect your asset. At All Insure Services Ltd we can provide a tailor made policy to best suit your needs, no matter the size or construction of your property. Similarly, if you own a holiday home elsewhere which is leased out during certain periods or is unoccupied periodically. For a no obligation, free consultation of your current insurance or for a quotation please contact 01258 488879.

  • Travel Insurance

    Planning in advance and insuring your travel arrangements ensures that you can fully enjoy your holiday knowing full well you and your possessions are fully insured. We are able to provide Travel Insurance be it a family holiday, or a year long trip around the world. To arrange a consultation regarding your traveling plans at home or abroad and for a no obligation quotation please contact 01258 488879

  • Personal Accident

    Personal Accident Insurance provides cover in the event that you should suffer a serious or fatal accident. Cover can provide a cash pay out to you or your family should you suffer such an injury and provide support at such a time. Personal Accident Insurance may be of particular interest to self employed customers or those who work in 'high risk' industries. To discuss your specific needs regarding Personal Accident Insurance please call us on 01258 488879

  • Boat Insurance

    All Insure Services Ltd can provide cover for privately owned boats both on water or in storage. To discuss your individual cover needs please call 01258 488879.

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